Privacy Policy

The information you provide to FLORIDA INVERSIONES LTDA with NIT. 800.248.472-0 through the website of its Le Manoir hotels; Egina Bogotá, Egina Medellin and Hotel Asturias, is exclusively for commercial use, and will adhere to the personal data processing policy Law 1581 of 2012 regulated by National Decree 1377 of 2013. Therefore, all the data provided, such as 
( Names and Surnames, Identification Number, Telephone, Address, Email, Age, Etc.) may be disclosed, shared, updated and used for solely commercial and/or legal purposes required by control and surveillance entities. Except for the data provided for payments through electronic means and their security. 
HIGHLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Florida Inversiones Ltda, through this statement promises to protect your privacy. This promise is directly related to the Web of our Hotels Le Manoir-Egina (Bogotá and Medellin) and Asturias (Medellin), its scope is given by the knowledge and archiving of your data. When you decide to use the Florida Inversiones Ltda website, you also agree that your data will be stored in the databases of your hotels, this data especially refers to 
1.- Personal identification, which includes, among other data, your name, age, gender, preferences, places of interest, the home and/or work address provided by you, the contact telephone number(s) provided by you, the email address provided by you. 
2.- Mandatorily and automatically, when you use the web, the system keeps the IP address from which you communicate, the browser used, the pages visited, and the time used, among other data. It is clarified that the web does not allow access to your conversations or your private files and that in this sense you keep your browsing privacy hermetic. 
3.- Your credit card information must be provided electronically. Under no circumstances should you provide the information in this document in writing or verbally. When you provide the data in this document electronically or by telephone, these data will be encrypted, thus preventing the improper or unauthorized use of this means of payment. 
4.- In order to preserve your privacy, when using the web, it is suggested that you carefully read the privacy policies of each website consulted. 
By using the Web, you expressly declare and record that: 
- You know and accept the terms and conditions and/or policies established by the Hotel. 
- The data provided to request the reservation correspond to yours and have been filled out correctly. 
- Is the holder of the credit card, or who is legally authorized by the holder to make the reservation and make the payment. 
- Authorizes Florida Inversiones Ltda, to use the data provided, updated, disclosed, shared, etc. for exclusively commercial and/or legal purposes required by control and surveillance entities, according to the personal data processing policy regulated in Law 1581 of 2012, National Decree 1377 of 2013. - Authorizes Florida Inversiones Ltda, to fulfill the 
term of the cancellation condition of the reserved service, debit the credit card with which you made the reservation, the total cost of the first night's accommodation. 
-Acknowledges, accepts and authorizes that your data rest in the FLORIDA INVERSIONES LTDA customer database, to use them in commercial activities. In this sense, you authorize promotions, new services and information in general that FLORIDA INVERSIONES LTDA provides at the time to be sent to your email. 
Florida Inversiones Ltda. may update this Privacy Statement, always keeping the indicated scope. For this reason, we suggest our users to always review the Privacy Statement before using the web, and thus be perfectly clear about their intention to use or not the service. 
Your comments regarding these policies will allow us to improve them and provide all our clients with total security regarding the privacy of their information. 
The complaints that you may have made regarding compliance with these policies must be brought to the attention of Florida Inversiones Ltda. through the email address, where in a term equal to or less than 72 hours counted from the receipt, we will attend to your complaint.